Behold Your God — Week One, Day Three

31 May

Knowing God is so hard only God can make it possible for us. The good news of the gospel is that God has revealed His love for us in the living and dying and rising of His Son Jesus. When we come to him in repentance and faith God brings us into relationship with Himself, a relationship we have a part in growing. Just as a human relationship is a two-way street, so our relationship with God depends on both parties. God initiated the relationship and His grace keeps it going, but we can have a part in cultivating the relationship. Since relationship with God is what we were created for, when we walk with Him we are fulfilling our purpose as people. Therefore, when we walk with God, we bring glory to God, blessing to others and benefit to ourselves.

The problem is that having entered relationship with God through faith in Christ, we often don’t experience the closeness and joy of this relationship. Just as a married couple’s love will grow cold unless their relationship is made a priority, so it will be for us in our relationship with God unless He is our priority.

The fear of God, purity of heart, childlike faith and joyful obedience are some keys the Bible gives us to cultivating our relationship with God. The Lord often reveals Himself to people who have these characteristics.

Has your love for God grown cold? Have you become accustomed to Him, bored with Him, or disillusioned with Him?

ACTION STEP FOR TODAY: Examine where you are at right now in your relationship with God. Talk with Him about any hindrances to relationship with Him. Confess your sin and feel His restoration. Begin walking with Him again in reverent and faithful obedience.

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