Behold Your God — Week One, Day Four

1 Jun

The first chapter of Colossians is the focus of today’s study. This chapter, along with the whole letter of Colossians, is a rich and deep and beautiful meditation on the glories of Christ.

Today you are supposed to read through Colossians 1:3-23 and list descriptions under three categories . . . He Is, He has and I Must. This is an encouraging exercise. You will find your heart blessed as you think about these truths from Colossians 1.

In our Christian culture today, we often start with “I must.” We think about what we need to be doing, how we need to be living. This is understandable. If we want to please God and honor Him we want to know what to do. Some have seen how this is people-centered rather than God-centered, so they rely instead on focusing on what God has done for us in Christ. But today’s study takes us to the true foundation of our life and faith, who God is. When we think about what God has done and what we are called to do on the basis of who God is, it changes our whole approach to life. Now we don’t have to worry whether we are good enough, or whether we measure up. We live our lives based on who God is and find great freedom there.

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