Behold Your God — Week One, Day Five

3 Jun

Years ago, during our time in China, we would often find on the street counterfeit items. Clothing, watches, and electronics were all made to look like some popular brand, but they were fake. In China, it was easy back then to tell, because often the product name would be misspelled or there would be other obvious flaws which revealed the true nature of the product. Spiritually, it is not always as easy to tell at first glance. We may have a certain knowledge of God but not be living on the basis of what we know.

We may lean on hearsay. We think we know God but we have really just brought into our minds a surface knowledge of God based on sermons we have heard or books we have read.

Common in our day among young people with a desire to follow God is textualism. We have people who believe the Bible is true and they believe all the key doctrines of the faith, but they think that believing the doctrines are true makes them true in their living. But there is a difference between believing something to be true and living on the basis of that truth. We see this all the time in everyday life. Most people drowning in credit card debt know that credit card debt is bad. Most cigarette smokers know that smoking is bad for a person, but they do it anyway. The ultimate issue is not what we know but whether we live based on what we know.

And for some seasoned saints, the problem may be that the great truths of the faith have become old news rather than good news.   A person may say the Apostles’ Creed every week in church but how much are those great truths of the faith really affecting how they live? This counterfeit way of living is especially dangerous for those who teach Sunday School or preach or have been raised in a family that is in full-time ministry.

But the good news is that people only counterfeit things that are valuable. Therefore, the gospel and the glory of God must be very valuable, because there are many counterfeits. We know the truths of God are in His Word, so now we must go to Him and trust in Him to strengthen us to live by the truth and reject counterfeit approaches to life.

ACTION STEP: Take some time to meditate on Ephesians 1:15-22 and 3:14-21 and pray through these texts with a view toward living on who God is in the days and weeks ahead.

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