Behold Your God — Week Two, Day One

5 Jun


If God is as great as we heard He is in week one, why doesn’t everyone naturally desire Him? People long for tasty food and interesting places to visit and books and movies that are compelling. We don’t have to put much effort into these things. Why is the greatest of all, God, so hard to know and love?

The answer is sin. Adam and Eve sinned. We inherited a sin nature from them. We have all sinned. Sin is rebellion against God’s rule over our lives. Because we have this built-in resistance to God’s lordship over our lives, so we do not naturally desire God, even though He is so good. So knowing God is hard. In fact, it is impossible apart from God’s grace at work in us.

In our pride we say we do not need God. But to walk in pride is to walk against the grain of the way the universe was designed. Everything owes its existence and its present life to God. So it makes sense to humble ourselves before the Creator, Sustainer and Redeemer and live before Him in faith and love. But in our sinful pride we think we call the shots, we think we are the captain of our ship.

Just as pride keeps us from knowing God, so deceit hinders us as well. We can deceive ourselves, others, and we can even attempt to deceive God (though we will never be successful in deceiving God). In our sin we refuse to acknowledge who we really are and so long as we live this way the door to knowing God will always be blocked.

Finally, a simple love for evil can keep us from knowing God. Because we are born with a sin nature, we are accustomed to living by our evil desires. But until we bring our sin out into the light and deal with it, knowing God for us will only be a nice idea and not a reality.

The truth is, we can do a study like Behold Your God, we can spend time in prayer, we can read the Scriptures, but if we are in the grip of pride or deceit or evil, these things will do us no good. We have to honestly face who we really are. We have to honestly answer the question: do I really know God?

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