Behold Your God — Week Two, Day Four

8 Jun

Have you ever heard someone say, “My God is not like that!” or “My God would never do that!”? I always bristle when I hear these words, because it is an indicator that a person has made their own judgment the measure of who God is, rather than seeking to know who God is from considering what God has said about Himself.

Is there any reliable source of understanding about God in this world? To be sure, the creation speaks of God’s existence, power and care. But is there any more specific source? Surely conscience does play some part. People are inclined toward worship. There does seem to be something inside us that longs for the transcendent. But this is only a vague sense, a cloudy kind of reality. Is there any reliable source of understanding about God in this world?

Having learned what we have learned about God thus far in the Behold Your God study, we know God by His very nature is infinite. How could we know an infinite One unless that One revealed Himself to us? The Christian believes that the Bible is that trustworthy source of revelation God has given us of Himself. The Christian further believes that God Himself has come into the world in the person of Jesus Christ, so that God has revealed Himself through Him. So if we are going to know what God is like, we need to look at the written Word, the Bible, and the living Word, Jesus Christ.

The lifetime of the Christian is to be spent in knowing God. We know God through His Word and we commune with God through His Son. And when we come against some truth about God that collides with our sensibilities, we seek to understand it, we don’t write it off as something that can’t be true of God.

We must be careful, even in the midst of a life of religious activities like church attendance, prayer, Bible reading and service, that we do not make a god in our own image. Instead, we must submit ourselves to what God has told us about Himself. This submission to who God is will prove to be a gateway to real and lasting spiritual growth.

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