Behold Your God: Week Two, Day Five

9 Jun

In my years as a pastor I have become very familiar with doctors and hospitals in my work of caring for church members in times of sickness. One of the truths I have realized is that doctors are often working through a process of elimination when they are diagnosing a patient. Tests, experience, and research factor into a hypothesis which leads to a certain course of treatment. Often, there is a degree of uncertainty in diagnosis. So when a patient is misdiagnosed, there can be real problems. The same truth holds for our spiritual lives. Correct diagnosis is essential. We have already looked this week at the error of knowing God exists without really knowing Him. We have also looked at the error of making a god in our own image rather than trusting in God as He has revealed Himself in Scripture.

Today’s study brings us to a third error which may lead to spiritual misdiagnosis: the failure to approach biblical truth in the right order. This day’s study is all reading (no fill in the blanks). I encourage you to read it carefully, because this day’s study gives us real insight into why our individual lives as Christians and our life as a church is often not all that it could be.

The biblical order for considering truth is as follows . . .


How you view God will influence how you view self. How you view God and self with inevitably affect what you think about sin and salvation.

The examples on page 35 are excellent, especially the one about the prayer meeting. That really is the problem isn’t it? People don’t avoid prayer meeting because it is difficult or uncomfortable or boring. They avoid it because they have forgotten how great God, how needy they are and how ready God is to answer prayer. Making outward changes to the times or format of the prayer meeting won’t make any difference. But if people grasp the truths of God, self, sin and salvation, they will be people of prayer.

I could go on, but I don’t want this article to be longer than today’s study. Take time to read today’s study. It has the potential to really transform your thinking. And transformed thinking can lead to transformed living (Romans 12:1-2).




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