Behold Your God — Week Three Introduction

11 Jun

The other day, I heard Dan Barker of the Freedom from Religion Foundation in a conversation with Tucker Carlson discussing the constitutionality of an elementary school having off-hours Bible clubs for kids led by teachers. The debate was interesting, but Barker’s statements about the Bible really piqued my interest. Barker said he was against the Bible clubs because of constitutional reasons but really, he couldn’t see why anyone would want to study a book as awful as the Bible anyway, what with all the violence and slavery and the like within its pages. Of course, Barker is being somewhat disingenuous to stir the pot but his view has taken hold in our day far more than we might like to think. Others have followed the theory of the DaVinci Code novels, holding that the Bible has some good things to say, but these things were all shaped by the Catholic Church in the fourth century so that we really can’ t trust what the Bible says or even if we have the real Bible, since there are many books which have been found which were not included in the Bible.

What we believe about the Bible is critically important to our faith. If we believe it is the thoughts of religious people, or a concoction of the Church, or a book by people with primitive ideas, we will be inclined to approach it casually or even regard it with hostility. But if we accept what the Bible says about itself, that it is the Word of God inspired by God, then we will approach the Bible with much more respect and even expect to read valuable truth within its pages.

So we must first settle in our hearts the issue of believing the Bible is God’s Word. Having settled that issue, we then turn to another important issue: what should we be looking for when we read the Scriptures?

Most people are inclined to look for themselves in the Scriptures, or look for behaviors they can imitate. We are hoping for that word of guidance, that word that speaks to our situation. And some of this is good and right. But this week’s study will point us in a different direction. We are called first and foremost to look for God as we read the Bible. The Bible is the greatest gateway to knowing God . . . who He is, what He is like, what He is doing in the world. Through the Scriptures we can know God.

Since this is true, why would we not give serious time every day to reading and meditating over the Bible? Why would we not pray earnestly every time we come to the Bible, “Lord, open my eyes that I might see wonderful things in Your Word”? This week, we will be Beholding God in the Bible, something that just might change your whole life.

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