Behold Your God — Week Three, Day One

12 Jun

“The Bible is just an outdated book written by primitive people.” This line of thinking is common in our world today, and often stated even more rudely than I have written above. The truth is, if all the Bible claimed for itself or all I knew it to be was a collection of writings by ancient people, I would be inclined to regard it as an item of historical interest, but not one of constant study.

But the Bible is not just another historical book. It is the Word of God, inspired by God and profitable for spiritual growth and change. We need spiritual growth and change, and God’s Word is a key element in that change for us, as the Holy Spirit works through the Word to bring us life.

But how can we trust the Bible in a world that is so different than the one in which the Bible was written? Today’s study tells us that the answer to that question lies in the attribute of God we call immutability. God never changes. We must change if we are to have life, because we are sinful. Unless we turn to Christ and walk with Him we will never be what God intended us to be. But God, being perfect in every way, has no need of change. It could even be said that immutability is an essential aspect of His being God, for change inevitably involves the loss or gain of certain faculties or abilities, and God being perfect, would be giving up something of that perfection if there were shifts in His faculties or abilities.

The immutability of God is a key reason we can trust His Word today. Since God never changes, we know His thoughts, attitudes and actions toward people have not changed in the years since the Bible was written. Therefore, we can know that in the Bible we have a reliable revelation of God’s heart.

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