Behold Your God — Week Three, Day Two

13 Jun

Today’s study focuses on the book of Job. Job has traditionally been viewed as the book in the Bible which wrestles most fully with the problem of suffering, one of the deepest problems of human existence. Through Job’s trials and the dialogues he has with his friends we see the struggle with suffering described and debated, but never fully explained. When God steps in in chapters 38-42 of the book, He comes not to explain so much as to reveal His character to Job. In fact, one of the most fascinating characteristics of the Bible is that it often doesn’t answer our thorny life questions by directly addressing the issue in question. Instead, when times are confusing and life is baffling, the Bible consistently tells us to do one thing: Behold Your God.

When we remember who God is, when we live in the light of His character as described in Scripture, we can know certain things are true which, while not answering all our questions, will give us strength to endure. When we know God will do what is right, when we know He is good, when we know He is all-knowing and almighty, this shapes how we approach our trials. Far from a kind of aimless and wistful hoping that God will do something, we have sure confidence, like an anchor for the soul, that no matter what comes He is real, He is true and He is with us. And that makes all the difference.


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