Behold Your God — It is Worth It

14 Jun

We are now in the middle of week three of Behold Your God. Many people are really enjoying the study and are growing through it. Others may be beginning to struggle with the daily work that needs to be done to get the most out of this study. Let me encourage you this morning to keep going.

Keep going because you have the time. Almost everybody reading this has the time to do this study. If you are reading this article but say you don’t have the time, stop reading blog articles and that should free up time right there. Set aside one TV program each day and you’ve got it. Set aside social media for 30 minutes and you’ve got it. Take it with you to work and do it at lunch. There are dozens of ways to make it work. You’ve got the time. Will you take the time?

Keep going because you can understand this material. You are intelligent and capable. Don’t sell yourself short. The mind is an amazing thing. It can develop and improve with use. Yes, you will have to think. Thinking is a huge part of Christianity (Rom. 12:2, Col. 3:1). You can do it. There may be things you don’t understand. That is ok. Don’t lose the benefits of the rest of the study because you can’t understand a few things.

Keep going because knowing God is the most important thing in your life (whether we know it or not) and this study can help you grow in significant ways.

Persevere, my friends. Great treasure is found by the one who digs in, not by the one who waits for it to fall into their lap.



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