Behold Your God — Week Three, Day Four

15 Jun

The section on meditating over the Word in today’s study is powerful and convicting. You would be well-served to read carefully pages 52-54 again and again. The key truth about meditation which is brought out by the study is that it is not, as we often think, an emptying of the mind. Instead, meditation is a filling of the mind with God’s truth. The quotations of scriptural voices and the voices from church history (pp. 53-54) on the issue of meditation are critically important for us to hear.

To read the Scriptures widely but not deeply will not bring as much growth as a deep attention and meditation over the Scriptures. I would rather a person read five verses a day with real focus and continual remembrance, than five chapters a day in a surface way. Of course, there is value in reading the large portions too.

The other aspect of this that I have found especially helpful in my own life is to bring Scripture reading together with prayer. As you read and meditate over a passage, begin to pray through that passage prayers of praise, confession, intercession. With this type of prayer, I have greater assurance that my prayers are going to be in line with God’s heart, and I think that is a good thing.

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