Behold Your God — Week Four Introduction

18 Jun

This week in our study we will be Beholding God in the Face of Jesus Christ.

Yesterday, I began reading through the Works of John Flavel. This English pastor from the 1600’s is one of the best of the Puritan writers and I look forward to carefully reading his works as I am able.

The opening lines of volume one of his works are a perfect introduction to this week’s study and really get at the heart of what Behold Your God is all about . . .

“Knowledge is man’s excellency above the beasts that perish (Ps. 32:9). The knowledge of Christ is the Christian’s excellency above the Heathen (1 Co. 1:23,24). Practical and saving knowledge of Christ is the sincere Christian’s excellency above the self-cozening hypocrite (Hb. 6:4,6) but methodical and well-digested knowledge of Christ’s excellency is the strong Christian’s excellency above the weak (Hb. 5:12-14). A saving, though an immethodical knowledge of Christ, will bring us into heaven (Jn. 17:2) but a regular and methodical, as well as a saving knowledge of him, will bring heaven into us (Col. 2:2,3).

Do you want to taste heaven today? Behold God in the face of Jesus Christ. Join us this week in the regular and methodical study of God’s Word through the Behold Your God Devotional Workbook.

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