Behold Your God — Week Four, Day Three

21 Jun

Whereas the Old Testament speaks of Christ in types and shadows, the gospels reveal Jesus in the fullness of His majesty. Jesus’ story leaps off the pages of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. We must never allow these accounts of Jesus’ life and ministry to grow cold to us. Read and meditate over the gospels often.

But beyond this danger, there is another danger when we come to the gospels. We may come looking for what the gospels say to us rather than looking to what Jesus’ life says about God. When John says of Jesus in John 1:18, “No one has ever seen God; the only God, who is at the Father’s side (Jesus), He has made Him known” we see there the truth that if we want to know what God is like, we should look to Jesus.

Jesus came to manifest the glory of God and to display the holiness and mercy of God. If we go to the gospels beginning with what they say to us, we might miss who Jesus really is and not know God as we should. Many people who do not believe in God at all find some value in the teachings of Jesus. How tragic would it be to find moral values or direction for living but not find Jesus? After all, Jesus teaches us many good things: to love the unlovable, to sacrifice for the greater good, to care for human need, to live simply, to live for others, to not be attached to money, to not be caught up in religiosity, to reject hypocrisy, to be truthful. On and on we could go with the excellent moral values of Jesus. But it would be a tragedy to know and practice all these things without bowing to Jesus as Lord. Unless you focus on His person, and what He reveals of God, it is possible that you might like His values without ever coming to know Him at all.

So when you come to the Gospels, ask this question: what does this passage teach me about God? If you start with this question, you will begin to re-orient your life around God and relationship with Him and as a wonderful by-product of this relationship you will find many personal blessings. There are great blessings to be found in the Christian life, but they are tied up in the Person of Jesus. Many people are defeated in their lives because they are trying to live Christian values without a close and growing relationship with Christ. Beholding God in the face of Jesus Christ will reshape your whole life.

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