Behold Your God — Week Four, Day Five

23 Jun

The chart on page 74 of the Behold Your God study guide is one of the best things in the whole book. I urge you to take time to think carefully through the implications of this chart. Are you a person who loves Christ, or a person who loves religion?

As you look at this chart, I want to encourage you to consider the issue of trajectory. There is no one alive who always show mercy rather than criticism or who always love to exalt Christ and never love to be praised themselves. There are degrees to which we conform to either love for Christ or love for religion.

But the more important question is not about the degree of your love for Christ but about the direction of your life. Is your love for Christ growing? Are you becoming less enchanted with religion and more interested in Him? Are you finding your relationship with Jesus moving in a direction that is changing your character? Or has your love for Him grown cold? We can’t answer those questions for each other, but each of us can search our own hearts.

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