Behold Your God — Week Five Introduction

25 Jun

This week we will be beholding God in the work of salvation. We will be thinking about the gospel, God’s good news of salvation in Jesus Christ.

For many of us brought up in church we have experienced either little to no gospel or a truncated gospel. In some churches, the gospel is scarcely taught as the focus goes to other things (a sense of family, or a focus on growing the church organization, or community service). The gospel, which should provide a foundation and power for all these things, is moved to the background or forgotten altogether.

In other churches, the problem is not a lack of gospel but a gospel that has become narrowed to only a personal moment of decision. The gospel is about getting into heaven and avoiding hell by trusting in Jesus’ death on the cross. While that is true, the gospel is also much more. We are going to be exploring that “much more” this week.

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