Behold Your God — Week Five, Day One

26 Jun

Today’s study is unlike any other day in the book. There is a lengthy quiz on Bible terms in this day’s material. I want to urge you to complete this exercise. You may be tempted to look up the answers and just write them in from the back of the book. I encourage you to try to do it on your own then check your answers with the ones given in the back of the book.

Many of the words in this study are theological terms. Sometimes you might hear people say that we should not bore or confuse people with heavy theological terms. I agree in principle with that statement. But what often happens is that first we change our terms to be understood, then we slowly abandon the explanation of these things at all and end up with a diminished gospel which only contains those elements which are most easily understood. The gospel is good news and the news that Jesus died for your sins is certainly good. But the good news of the gospel becomes so much better when we begin to explore the various aspects of Jesus’ saving work.

So my encouragement to you would be to use theological words but define them, explain them, understand them. All the words to be defined in the study today came from the same place . . . the Bible. We are not creating a technical jargon, we are just using the language Scripture uses to speak of these things. Don’t be ashamed to use the language Scripture uses when talking about Jesus, just make sure you understand what you are saying and that those you are talking to understand what you are saying. You are not being a cold intellectual when you use the terms in today’s study. You are being biblical.


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