Behold Your God — Week Five, Day Two

27 Jun

One of the most common questions of a child is “why?” When they really begin to learn, they begin to ask “why?”. This is a good thing in the natural realm, because these why questions lead them to look for answers. But eventually this questioning leads most children to God, and to the question of why God made things the way they are. The common answer is that God didn’t do it, but we did through our sin and rebellion against Him. But a perceptive child knows that this answer still doesn’t quite get God off the hook, because since He is God, He has to have Lordship even over this rebellion. In other words, the rebellion of man is something which at the very least, He permitted. So why did God allow sin into the world? Why does God allow evil to continue? Why does the wrong seem oft so strong? These are the kinds of questions children (and sometimes adults) ask. These questions have troubled many souls through the years. But interestingly, there are not a lot of “why” questions in the Bible and where they do appear, God often redirects them. The question God is concerned with is “who?”, specifically, “who is God?” This is the all important question. This is the question that resolves the why questions, so that even if we can’t answer every question we can have confidence that God has a good reason for doing what He has done. The attributes of God become the ground of our assurance. When we are confident in who He is we are not ultimately sidetracked and discouraged by the why questions. Of course, sometimes the way the world is can be troubling. But we will not yield to despair in the face of confusion if we are spending time consistently beholding God and believing what we behold of Him.

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