Behold Your God — Week Six, Day Two

3 Jul

Day one of our study of personal holiness starts where we should always start . . . with God. Holiness is important because God is holy. To be holy means to be set apart. God is set apart from all creation by virtue of His being the Creator rather than the creature. In addition, God is set apart by His perfect moral nature.

God alone is God and God alone is perfectly holy. But other things and people in the Bible are called holy. How are they holy? People and things in the Bible are holy because God sets them apart. The priests in the Old Testament were called holy not because they were better than everybody else, but because God had set them apart to minister before Him. Before we can talk about holiness from a lifestyle perspective, we must remember that holiness is only possible when God calls us, when He sets us apart for His purposes.

Sadly, when we think of holiness, we often go immediately to the issues of lifestyle and we end up inadvertently undercutting God’s work in us. So this week we will seek to work from the right foundation . . . God.

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