Behold Your God — Week Six, Day Three

5 Jul

Christ is the ground, the strength and the goal of holiness. Holiness must always be rooted in Him to be real and to be pleasing to God.

How do we root our lives in Christ? By faith. Just as we came to know Christ through faith, so we grow in holiness by faith. Faith involves trusting in Christ’s righteousness for our salvation and growth in holiness. In practice, this trust involves looking to Jesus and looking away from sin.

Looking to Jesus means we continue to remember who He is and what He is done, we remember what He has done for us, and we trust Him to continue His good work in us. We walk with Him in prayer and the Word and seek to share Him with others. To look away from sin is to turn away from the things John mentions in 1 John . . . the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life. These desires can distract us, discourage us and ultimately destroy us. So we put on Christ and put off sin (see Colossians 3).

So today, are you seeking to walk in holiness? Are you sensitive to your sin and ready to confess it and forsake it? Are you walking with Jesus and trusting His power to change you? Are you more excited about Jesus than the gifts God has given you in this life?

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