Behold Your God — Week Six, Day Four

6 Jul

Nature abhors a vacuum. This well-worn cliche applies not only to matters of science but also to matters of the spirit. If you deal seriously with your sin and cut off thoughts and behaviors that are displeasing to God and do not replace it with new actions and attitudes, you can be sure that new areas of sin will come in to fill up the empty space of your life.

So our task is not only to turn away from sin, it is to turn to God. This is the consistent pattern of Scripture. God’s call always involves turning away from other things and turning to God. When Abraham was called, God said, “Leave your father’s house and go to the land I will show you.” Ruth left behind Moab to follow Naomi. David left behind his flock to become king. Jesus said to His disciples “follow me” and they left their former lives behind to be His followers.

So this principle of leave and follow is found all over Scripture and it is our daily call. Every day, we are called to turn away from hoping in ourselves, from hoping in our possessions, from hoping in anything but Jesus. We enjoy the life God has given, we enjoy His good gifts, but we hold everything but Jesus loosely.


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