Behold Your God — Week Seven, Day One

10 Jul

We often get caught up in how we worship and forget about who we worship. When we assemble together in local churches, our minds often turn to how the service of worship is being conducted rather than the God to whom we are drawing near. There are those who have a disdain for church buildings and prefer to meet in homes. Others look down their at the use of an organ or piano, preferring guitars and drums. For some, saying creeds or reading prayers is anathema, while to others such things are integral to worship.

I want to be the kind of Christian that understands that worshiping Jesus is more important than the form of worship. Of course, there are some basic biblical parameters. Preaching of the word, prayer, singing, the ordinances, warm fellowship, a sense of order rather than chaos, these are basic elements which should be present when we meet. With these basic parameters in place, I could see myself worshiping freely in a variety of settings, knowing that God is bigger than my preferences.  God is the focus of all true worship. That is the focus of this week’s study.

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