Behold Your God — Week Seven, Day Three

12 Jul

“God, have mercy on me, a sinner.”

All the difference between true worship and false worship is found in this phrase from Luke 18. The true worshiper comes to God. He is not there for self-exaltation. He is there to come to God. God must act. There is a desperation for the work of God. And the true worshiper comes for mercy. Worship is not so much our offering to God as it is a grateful acknowledgment of who God is and what He has done. And of course, the reason the worshiper comes for mercy is because he knows he is a sinner. So there is in the true worshiper a true knowledge of God and a true knowledge of self. God is great and I am weak. God is merciful and I am in need of mercy. This is worship, a humble heart coming before a great God and finding hope and life. Jesus says, “Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Aimless? “Come to me.” Burned out? “Come to me.” Weighed down by the expectations of others? “Come to me.” Grieving a loss? “Come to me.” Disappointed in your repeated failures? “Come to me.”

This is the call of our life. This is the difference between a devotional life and a life of devotion. This is the difference between an hour of worship on Sunday morning and a life of worship every day. I would like to be that everyday worshiper. Wouldn’t you?

“God, have mercy on me, a sinner.”

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