Behold Your God — Week Seven, Day Four

13 Jul

All people are worshipers because all people ascribe worth to something. When we value a thing, we tend to honor it, praise it, handle it with care. If you want to find out what you worship, think about what you value most. There is an intersection where what you value and what you celebrate come together. This intersection is called worship.

This becomes disturbing when you get to that intersection and find the street signs marked with something other than God. When I worship at the intersection of Sex Street and Anger Avenue I am in trouble. And the sad fact is that most often the street signs of our hearts are marked with things that have nothing to with God, the only One who is worthy of worship.

The person in the most danger is perhaps that person whose street signs are not marked with sinful things but with something much more respectable. Some people find at the central intersection of their lives Hard Work Highway and Patriotic Plaza. We may even find ourselves at the corner of Bible-Believing Boulevard and Witnessing Way and be off track. I don’t dispute for a minute that a person who works hard or has a strong sense of family may end up being more outwardly successful than a person that is given over to alcoholism or envy.

There is only one intersection where real worship can flourish and we can only get there through the grace of God to us in Christ. One street is called “Love the Lord your God” and the other street is called “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

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