Behold Your God, Week Eight, Day Two

18 Jul

Day two is long but is one of the best days of the study. Persevere and work through it. It is worthwhile.

Three truths are shared in today’s study which are very important.

Truth 1 — Motivation is more important than method in our evangelism. We jump to method because we want to know how we should do evangelism. But our heart for God and people is more important. A desire to share Jesus with others will lead us to more sharing than a mastery of methods.

Truth 2 — Evangelism has a horizontal and a vertical dimension, and the vertical is most important. We share about Jesus because we love people. And we share about Jesus because we love God. When we begin to see evangelism as a part of fulfilling the greatest commandment to love God and neighbor, it brings a new dimension of meaning to our efforts.

Truth 3 — This truth relates to Bible reading . . . I appreciated the section on pages 150 and 151 where several verses are given and we are told to explain the what and why of each verse. I know this is a simple thing but it is so important. Often, the Bible explains reasons and motivations for all sorts of things and these reasons and motivations give us great insight into the heart of God and the purposes of God. For example, in Isaiah 45:22 we read “Turn to me and be saved, all you ends of the earth. For I am God, and there is no other.” The command is for people from the ends of the earth to turn and be saved. But why? Because God is the only true God. Nothing and no one else will save you. God tells us that He alone can save. It is a very elementary thing, but reading your Bible with a view toward seeing the what and the why will open your understanding of God and His ways like few other things. The key is to slow down enough to really think carefully about what you are reading.

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