Behold Your God — Week Eight, Day Four

20 Jul

Today’s study highlights something I first found several years ago in reading Martyn Lloyd Jones’ book Studies in the Sermon on the Mount. Jones says that the Beatitudes are a picture of life as a Christian. There is a definite order to the Beatitudes which corresponds to the pattern of our lives when we are born again. So “blessed are the poor in spirit” is not a statement about money or feeling down but is instead about us seeing our spiritual bankruptcy and ultimate need of God. Those who mourn are not mourning over lost loved ones or life problems but over their sin. These then become the meek. This meekness comes as a result of being poor in spirit and mourning over our sin. These things result in us hungering and thirsting for righteousness. This hunger and thirst for God is the doorway to salvation and the center of the Beatitudes. The results in the life of one who has come to the end of himself and hopes in God alone are seen in the other Beatitudes. Sons of the kingdom are merciful, pure in heart, peacemakers, able and willing to endure hardship and suffering for the sake of Christ.

Far from being simply an unattainable standard meant to bring us to the end of ourselves, far from being a second law replacing the Old Testament law, the Sermon on the Mount is instead a description of Kingdom People. It shows us how we come to know God and how we walk with Him.

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