Behold Your God — Week Eight, Day Five

21 Jul

Today’s study takes a look at the evangelistic approaches of John the Baptist, Jesus, and Paul.

While each man dealt with people in different ways, one common bond exists between all three: they each made a point of addressing the blockages of the heart which kept people from seeing the truth of God. John the Baptist cleared the way for return through his call for repentance. Jesus dealt sharply with the self-righteous and tenderly with the broken, but he called all to repentance. Paul taught brilliantly and interacted with those who worshiped other gods, but he always called them to away from their idols and into fellowship with God through the death of His Son Jesus.

The ways of John, Jesus and Paul stand in stark contrast to our approaches to evangelism. We tend to present the gospel before we help others understand the problem. This approach causes many people to tune out the message, because they do not see that they have a sin problem and therefore they do not see Jesus as having any relevance to their lives.

Another mistake we make is dealing with felt needs rather than the heart. The needs people have are real and we are often doing the loving thing by helping them with these needs. But these needs are not the end of the story. Like Jesus, John and Paul, we should be sensitive to opportunities to shift the discussion to the heart.

So let’s seek to share the gospel wherever we go with words and actions, trusting God with the results.

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