Behold Your God — Week Ten, Day One

31 Jul

Today’s study is an excellent treatment of the subject of idolatry.

What is idolatry?

Idolatry is worshiping a false god. The god may be something we have created or something we ascribe worth to or the god may be a refashioning of the true God according to our own preferences or imagination. The statements from different people on their view of God made in the introduction were all examples of idolatry.

Why do we worship idols?

We worship idols because we do not want to worship the true God. We would rather do things our way than His way, so we create something else to worship. The idol serves us rather than us serving the idol. Our hopes and dreams become central and our idol becomes central to fulfilling our hopes and dreams. Idolatry is at the center of a self-centered life. And because we are all naturally self-centered apart from the grace of Christ, idolatry is something almost all people participate in and something with which almost all believers struggle to one degree or another. We are all prone to give our allegiance to counterfeit gods because we all have a tendency to want to serve self rather than Jesus.

The most insidious kind of idolatry is that kind which takes the things of God and twists them ever so slightly, so that what is worshiped is not the God of the Bible but my own preferences. Clothed in religious language, this idolatry can look like real worship and so deceive even the participants. We must be careful here to stay true to what God tells us about Himself and worship Him on that basis.

Are there any idols in your life? Anything you are clinging to as if it were God? Anything you are hoping in instead of hoping in God? Are you creating gods which are a slight alteration of the true God? Are you unwilling to face certain truths in Scripture about God and so create a god to satisfy your preferences. Only you and the Lord can answer these questions, but we all need to consider our hearts before God.

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