Behold Your God — Week Ten, Day Five

4 Aug

When it comes down to it, life always boils down to the character of God. If I view God unbiblically or incompletely, I will find in my own character some manifestation of sinful attitudes. Failing to believe that God is in control may lead to an anxiety-ridden life. A lack of confidence in God’s promises may produce a similar anxious spirit. If you don’t believe God provides your needs, you may seek to provide your own, becoming greedy or angry when things don’t go as we wish. If we are not confident in God’s love and sufficiency, we may look to other things for help and hope. If we do not believe that relating to God in prayer is a positive help to bring us peace we may seek peace in entertainment or food or sinful things. If we don’t believe that Jesus is the only way to God, we may feel no need to share the gospel with others as we are commanded to do. If we believe that God will only bring good things into our lives if we trust Him, we will be devastated when something difficult comes.

In short, virtually all of our sin problems can be traced first and foremost to a problem in our view of God. This is why if we try to attack sins we will often end up defeated. The problem isn’t normally related to that sin problem, it is normally some deficiency in our view of God. Therefore, one of the most effective ways to fight sin is to behold your God. Seeing who He really is and grounding your life in that reality makes all the difference. Since the primary way that happens is through abiding with God in the Word, the Bible becomes a central means of our growth in holiness.

Local churches should make sure all members are grounded in the truth of the gospel and the attributes of God. Families would be well served to return to the older tradition of the catechism, teaching the children the basics of God’s character. Individuals should read every passage of Scripture with a view toward what God has said to us about Himself more than what a passage says about us.

When we think about our living and where it is deficient or incomplete, it is most often an issue of our view of God. Therefore, our Behold Your God study is one of the best things we could have done this summer as a church. Soon we will be moving on from this study but we should never move on from its central concept, expressed by AW Tozer, “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.”

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