Behold Your God — Week Eleven, Day Three

9 Aug

In contrast to yesterday’s study, today’s is very short, with several passages of Scripture to read and to interact with. In today’s study, the dangers of pragmatism are clearly seen, as several biblical figures go awry doing what looks reasonable and sensible and what is approved by the majority, only to find in the end that they did not do what God told them to do. This is our struggle. We often think God’s commands to us unreasonable, so we choose our own way, but this is deadly to the spiritual life. It is a dangerous expression of pride. It is also very easy to do. Our flesh will convince us that we are acting in wisdom. Here are some examples of this pragmatic spirit . . .

“Why pray when I can work and get something done?”

“Who cares about a little cheating on my taxes as long as no one finds out?”

“My exaggerations and lies made the story I was telling more interesting.”

“No one can be totally pure, so my little glances at things I shouldn’t watch don’t offend God. He knows I will fail.”

“What does it matter how we do church as long as people are excited and giving is good?”

“The worship song has very little true biblical content but it moves my emotions, so it must be ok.”

“I have to watch the latest raunchy TV show to be relevant to my unbelieving friends.”

“The preacher hardly uses the Bible but I sure feel good when I leave church on Sunday.”

“We’ve got to live together before we get married so we can save extra money for our wedding.”

“I don’t need to read my Bible because I can just listen to Christian radio.”

“I don’t need to go to church because I can watch a great preacher online every week.”

“I can’t choose church over sports on Sundays for my kids because then they’ll miss out on scholarships.”

“I don’t need to gather with people to worship God. I have my church at the lake.”

Each of these quotes are examples of pragmatism trumping biblical truth. But many people in our culture would accept at least some of these things as reasonable or permissible courses of action. We must look to God not to what is comfortable or easy or socially acceptable. What would God have you to do? That is the question.




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