Behold Your God — Week Twelve, Day One

14 Aug

We have not been studying for these twelve weeks to just get more information about God or even to learn how to serve Him better. We have been reading and thinking and praying and preaching so that we might know God and draw near to Him. To walk with God, this is the goal. Because when we walk with God, we are honoring Him as God, we are being shaped by His presence and we are fulfilling the purpose for which were made, to love God with all our heart and to love our neighbor. So what we long for is the presence of God. The presence of God will be the focus of our last week of study. Having avoided the counterfeits of practical atheism and practical deism and pragmatism over the last two weeks, now we draw near to God to seek the real thing . . . fellowship with God.

The thing is, we cannot make this fellowship and sense of God’s presence happen. We cannot control God. He is Lord, we are not. But we can put ourselves in the path of the fullness of His presence. We can walk in ways that make Him more likely to draw near to us and we can walk in ways that will move Him to remove His hand from us.

When God really wants to judge someone in the Bible, He most often doesn’t strike them with His hand, He removes His hand. When God strikes it is often for the purpose of disciplining a person. But when His hand comes off your life, that is the time when you should really begin to tremble.

What should you do if God is absent in your experience of daily life?

Ask God for His presence in your life.

Confess and forsake sin.

Keep coming to God regardless of what you feel.

Keep walking in obedience to God regardless of whether there is a tangible reward. Walk with Him even if going another way would be temporarily easier.

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