Behold Your God — Week Twelve, Day Two

15 Aug

Today’s study laid out three signs of God’s absence . . .

  1. The loss of God’s noticeable concern and powerful activity.
  2. Going further and staying longer in sin than you had intended.
  3. Looking like a people who never were ruled by Jesus.

The problem with all of this is that we may continue with our lives much the same as they have always been and still be far from the daily power of God’s presence. We can continue to come to church, serve in the church, even read our Bibles and pray and still be far from God.

The solution is beholding and becoming. As we spend time with God and turn our minds constantly to Him, and walk in His ways, we begin to become what He wants us to be. But the presence of God is difficult to comprehend sometimes even when we are walking with God. It would be a mistake to just seek warm feelings. Goose bump Christianity will not get us far. On the other hand, cold, information-based Christianity is also a dead end. We must seek the presence of God without succumbing to emotionalism.

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