Behold Your God — The End

18 Aug

We have come to the end of the Behold Your God study this summer. I hope you have enjoyed the study, benefited from the videos, been blessed by your small group, and been helped by these blog articles.

Many people have told me this study has been challenging and helpful. I am grateful for this. Now, as we come to the end, what do we do now? Here are some possible suggestions . . .

  1. Go through the book again. A couple of people have told me they are planning to do this. Much like an exercise program can have benefits if repeated, so this study will benefit you through repeated exposure.
  2. If you have been doing the workbook, continue to give significant time to Bible study.
  3. Take up and read some of the works of the figures presented in the videos. Martyn Lloyd-Jones and A.W. Tozer would be good places to start.
  4. Share what you have learned with others. Talking about the key ideas of the book will solidify them in your mind and help you continue to grow as you see the implications of the truth you are learning lived out in your daily life.

Thanks to all who participated this summer.

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