Behold Your God — Week Twelve, Day Five

18 Aug

Don’t expect perfection. Don’t let your zeal be misdirected. Don’t chase after feelings. Don’t give up.

These four statements summarize the final study in the Behold Your God book.

When seeking to know and live in the presence of God . . .

  1. Don’t expect perfection. You will not live a perfectly sinless life and your life’s circumstances will not be perfectly smooth. Hard days attend to the one who seeks God. Frustrating failures of heart will be common. Days of joy in God will be sidetracked by one action or comment. Expect this. Know that in this world you will have trouble. Know from the outset that while you should be growing in holiness, you will always fall short of perfection. One of the keys to healthy Christian living is perseverance. This can only happen if two things are going on in our hearts. First, we must believe the goal of our pursuit is worthwhile and second, we must not give up when we fail.
  2. Don’t let your zeal be misdirected. This can manifest itself in many ways. The book described the “Toronto Blessing” of the early ’90’s and the idea of “holy laughter,” discussing how this seemed to be out of step with revivals in the Bible. But there are other ways zeal can be misdirected too. In our excitement over knowing God, we may insist that everyone must know God in exactly the way we do. So if we came to know Jesus through the influence of great books, we will insist that everyone else must read these books. Or if it was through a small group Bible study, we become the world’s biggest cheerleader for Bible study. But there are many gifts in the body, therefore many expressions of those gifts should be expected and many different points of emphasis on many different points of need.
  3. Don’t chase after feelings. There is a way we can get so fixed on seeing revival that we begin to seek revival rather than seeking God. We may become religious consumers, looking to get a certain high from a worship experience and may fail to see the significance of knowing God is far greater than the warm feelings of a revival meeting. The two are not always synonymous.
  4. Don’t give up. When I think about the sin in my own heart, the sin of fellow church members, and the devastated world we live in, I am tempted to give up. I must remember that “though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the ruler yet.” I have resources for this life to see me through each day and God’s promises to sustain me. So I must never give up. “When all around my soul gives way, he then is all my hope and stay. On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand, all other ground is sinking sand.”

I don’t want to end telling you what not to do, so let me list a few things Christians through the centuries have found helpful when it comes to knowing the Lord and walking with Him.

  • The Word is essential. Reading it, meditating over it, committing it to memory, all these things are key. I think it was said of John Bunyan that he was so immersed in Scripture that it was as if you pricked him, he would bleed the Bible.
  • Prayer is essential. Seeing God through the Word, we come into intimate fellowship with God through prayer. Prayer is not mainly about getting stuff we want, it is mainly about coming into God’s presence and knowing Him.
  • Church is essential. Church can take many forms, but gathering with other like-minded people is an essential part of your journey of faith. You need the other perspectives, the encouragement along the way, the shared ministry opportunities.
  • Service is essential. If you never put all you are knowing of God into practice in your daily life, you are missing out on knowing God more deeply than you could otherwise know Him. God is a giver. His love overflows. As people made in His image, we function best when we are giving, when we are overflowing with acts of love.
  • Ongoing learning is essential. The resources we have for spiritual growth in our day are absolutely amazing. If you don’t take advantage of the great books of the past, of conferences, of seminars, of online events and podcasts, you may be missing out on a great means of spiritual growth. To be sure, this can be an area where we overdo it. There is no salvation through reading, no sanctification by podcast. But ignoring the opportunities to grow God has given us in our day may be an indicator of pride or laziness. We must be judicious in what we take in, but the mentoring we can receive through resources by saints who have walked this path of life before us is invaluable.
  • Time is essential. This may be the most challenging thing of all. If you really want to behold God, you must devote time to Him. If you are working every hour of the day, don’t be surprised if you feel distant from Him. If you are filling free moments with games on your smart phone or social media, don’t be surprised if you have no intimacy with God. If you binge watch Netflix but don’t read your Bible, don’t be alarmed when you realize God is no longer very important to you. Love means an investment of time. Will you make the time commitment necessary to see the work of God flourish in your life? Will this study not be an end but the beginning of a life of earnestly seeking the Lord? I pray it would be so.

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