“Arise and Go” Evangelism Conference: Night Two — Matthew 28:18-20, “What Are We to Do With the Gospel?” — Pastor Alan Carr

28 Apr

Last night we looked at what the gospel is and why we should be so thankful that God saves all who trust in His Son Jesus. Tonight we looked at how those who have trusted in Jesus should share the good news that saved them with a lost world.

Matthew 28:18-20 is the Great Commission. It is an authoritative command from the Lord Jesus. It is the Church’s Marching Orders.

The disciples of Jesus obeyed this command (they turned the world upside down with their preaching according to Acts 17) and people noted that these disciples had been with Jesus (see Acts 4).

But 2000 years later the state of evangelism in our day might often rightly be called “The Great Omission.” Most professing believers never share the gospel. We have a lack of motivation to follow the foundational command of the Church.

Jesus established a Church that was to enter into battle with the forces of evil for the sake of the gospel (Matthew 16:18). But we are happy to be comfortable in our churches and reluctant to enter into the spiritual battle of sharing Jesus with a lost world.

It is true that evangelism is becoming more difficult in America. But Jesus’ command to us has not changed and if we love Him we will keep His commandments.

SO why do we not fulfill the Great Commission?


God told us to “go” and we have said “no.”

We are to live and teach the gospel. Not just show it but say it.

Not all are called to be vocational ministers but every Christian is called to preach the gospel in this world.

God saved us to make us like Jesus.

God wants others to see the power of God in your life and hear the gospel in your words.

God gives us multiple opportunities to share the gospel every day. Ask Him to open your eyes to those opportunities.


Jesus is the only way.

Jesus paid it all.

It is not about church or preacher or denomination or dress or music or worship or baptism. All of these things have their place but the commission is to share the message of Jesus.

First invite people to Jesus, then invite them to church.

Everybody needs the gospel.

Sharing the gospel on one level is simple: Our sin, Jesus’ sacrifice, a call to believe, but when we live an unholy life or get away from this clear gospel message we will miss the mark.

We’ll never win the world by being like the world.


God may or may not lead you overseas.

But we are all called to be witnesses where we are.

We are called to reach out to everyone and make no exclusions because of race or background or lifestyle.


God has given us His presence and His power.

We need have an outgoing personality we just need to be faithful and trust God to work.

Rely on God He will empower, enliven and energize our witness.

There are plenty of people who need Jesus even in our own city. Thousands within a five mile radius of our local church are lost. Will we care enough to go to them? Nothing will change until we are gripped by the value of the gospel and broken by the lostness of those around us. Let’s be a people who obey the Great Commission for the glory of God.

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