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A Good Quote from Bill Mounce

16 Oct

Bill Mounce is a Greek scholar who writes an excellent blog each Monday called Mondays With Mounce. In these weekly articles Mounce takes the Greek New Testament and brings out some nuance of the language or deals with an important theological issue from a textual perspective. Even for those not schooled in the language, the articles are extremely helpful.

Today I read a quote from Mounce which I think has much merit. It is a good rule of thumb for those who are not trained in the languages. It is also a good argument for using several translations in Bible study.

Mounce says, “If someone claims that the Greek says something that none of the translations say, dismiss their idea and walk away. Perhaps if they are commentary writers or scholars, their argument might have some validity; but I am always suspect of someone who bases their interpretation on any basis that you are not able to check.”

This is an excellent word and one which we must heed in our reading and study and teaching.

A Great Warning from a Wise Scholar

3 May

I really enjoy reading Bill Mounce’s blog.  He is a Greek scholar who wrote an excellent beginning Greek grammar called Basics of Biblical Greek.  His articles usually relate to how understanding the original language of the New Testament helps us understand the Bible better.  But this week’s article is much more personal.  It was sobering.  It was challenging.  I hope you will read it.


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