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Hard-Hitting Article on the Charismatic Movement

1 Nov

In honor of Reformation Day yesterday, J. Lee Grady wrote an outstanding article listing many needed reforms in the charismatic movement.  If these issues were addressed, much of the public damage of this movement could be alleviated.  It is good to see a constructive critique of a tradition from within that tradition.  I think a level of credibility comes with such a critique.  Food for thought . . .  1.  Could you write a similar article about the church in which you are involved?  What reforms are needed there?  2.  Are there any theological underpinnings in the charismatic movements which make these reforms, even if all implemented, still insufficient to bring about true spiritual renewal in the movement?  3.  Are there theological underpinnings in other movements (Young, Restless, Reformed or Seeker-Sensitive, for example) which hinder renewal in those movements.  Feel free to respond to any of these questions in the comments section.  But above all, read the article.  It is thought-provoking.  Here is the link . . .


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