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Behold Your God — Week Three, Day Five

16 Jun

I was encouraged and challenged by today’s study. When we get a fresh vision of the greatness and goodness of God, our families are affected. Families are drawn to begin setting apart time in the home to focus on God. We normally call this family worship or family devotions.

I have long been an advocate of family devotions, but a poor practitioner. My patient wife has been gracious to me in the fits and starts of our family devotions. My children have seen my inconsistency up close and for this I feel a great deal of regret. Few things in my life seem more of a spiritual battle than family devotions. Perhaps this is so because few things are more counter-cultural and few things are more spiritually significant for families.

I have done many things for family devotions through the years, but if I could encourage others in any way I would just say, just do something. If its reading the Scriptures and praying, reading a devotional book or a Bible story book, whatever it may be, just try to do something.

I must also say in closing that I appreciate the warning John Snyder gives in this lesson about making our lives too family-centered. I have observed instances where I feel the family is almost valued too much, as if the spiritual life can be contained totally within a family unit. This, apart from running contrary to the Scriptures, also tends to make people insular, isolated and sometimes judgmental.

To stay in the center of biblical tension we must value the family as an important part of God’s plan without making the family the center of everything we do in relation to God.

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