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Behold Your God — Week Five, Day Four

29 Jun

Salvation is bigger than you think. Today’s study is largely a matter of looking up and summarizing key New Testament verses on salvation, focusing especially on what God has done for us in salvation. Tomorrow the focus shifts to what God does in us in salvation.

These two days of study clearly show us two truths . . . salvation is a work of God and salvation is much more than the forgiveness of sins. I don’t want to diminish the forgiveness of sins or the initial faith in Jesus which leads a person from darkness to light, from hell to heaven but it is important to remember that the saving work of God really changes everything. We are given a new status, no longer slaves to sin but now sons of God. We are given new power for living, as the Spirit comes to dwell in us and strengthen us. We are given new eyes for spiritual truth, so that the Bible comes alive. We are given the promise of growing holiness. We are given the promise of eternal perfection. We are given the promise that God will never leave us and that we will be with Him forever. Salvation is much more than we think. Spend your time thinking about these things, and then share them with others. God’s plan of salvation is more exciting than any church program or activity, than any entertainment or vacation, than anything. Let the gospel be your life-long fascination.

Have Been Saved, Am Being Saved, Will Be Saved

16 Nov

It is a beautiful thing that all three of these phrases are used in the Bible when speaking of our salvation. We use big theological terms like justification, sanctification and glorification. We think about being saved from sin’s penalty, freed from sin’s power and one day from the presence of sin. We speak of salvation past, present and future. These are truths that are worth our attention and truths which can fire our hearts with love for God and a desire to share this great salvation. We have a great message to share. It is not a truncated message of “pray this prayer and avoid hell.” It is a whole-life message that is focused on Jesus, His death and resurrection.

Derek Thomas has written an article which effectively explains the riches of salvation. I commend it to you and hope that this weekend we will reflect on God’s grace to us in Jesus yesterday, today and forever.


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