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Behold Your God — Week Three, Day Four

15 Jun

The section on meditating over the Word in today’s study is powerful and convicting. You would be well-served to read carefully pages 52-54 again and again. The key truth about meditation which is brought out by the study is that it is not, as we often think, an emptying of the mind. Instead, meditation is a filling of the mind with God’s truth. The quotations of scriptural voices and the voices from church history (pp. 53-54) on the issue of meditation are critically important for us to hear.

To read the Scriptures widely but not deeply will not bring as much growth as a deep attention and meditation over the Scriptures. I would rather a person read five verses a day with real focus and continual remembrance, than five chapters a day in a surface way. Of course, there is value in reading the large portions too.

The other aspect of this that I have found especially helpful in my own life is to bring Scripture reading together with prayer. As you read and meditate over a passage, begin to pray through that passage prayers of praise, confession, intercession. With this type of prayer, I have greater assurance that my prayers are going to be in line with God’s heart, and I think that is a good thing.

Not a Duty, a Delight

21 Sep

bible readingWhen it comes to meeting with God, I always keep this statement in mind — Not a duty, a delight. This captures the desire to take time with God out of the realm of religious ritual and into the realm of living relationship. The flip side of this though is that time with God is not always delight and when it is not I need to keep on meeting with Him anyway.

Jon Bloom published a good article recently about the benefits of persevering in meeting with God. As Paul told Timothy, “godliness with contentment is great gain.” So as the Spirit works in us, let’s put forth the effort to know God and to love what we know and to be moved to serve out of that love.

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Will You Meet With God This Week?

19 Aug

There are so many benefits to meeting with God. God is worthy of our coming to Him daily. Will you come to Him? Will you spend time in His presence this week? Will you meditate over His Word, not just breeze over it, but lingering over each verse, letting the Word dwell in you richly?  Will you come to Him in prayer fervently, with a desire to pray in a God-honoring way rather than dealing with God as a divine Santa Claus? Will you see prayer as an opportunity to align yourself with God and set your heart at peace before Him? Finally, will you see each day as an opportunity to live in light of what God is teaching you?

This is a short post but an important one, for you and for me. Will you join with me this week in moving meeting with God to the top of your priority list? Will you join with me in seeking to delight in and find joy in God? I believe that if we will give ourselves to this, we will grow, we will be a blessing to others, and God will be honored. Do whatever you can to give yourself to this.


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